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Insertion Tools

Tools for a successful implant.


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Headstage Adaptors

Find an adaptor for connect your headstage to your probe.

Connector Types

Connector Types

NeuroNexus probes can interface with almost any commercially available headstage via the package. We also provide the SmartLink headstage for use with the SmartBox™.

To configure a package for your headstage, you will first need to know what type of connector your headstage uses. Then, find the compatible packages that match up to your headstage.

If you have a headstage that does not connect directly to any of our packages, you might need an adaptor. If you cannot find an adaptor that meets your setup needs, contact us for a custom adaptor or cable.

Omnetics Nano Connectors


(Left: CM16LP, CM32; Right: H32)

Omnetics Nano connectors are widely available. NeuroNexus offers a large range of packages that connect to headstages with Omnetics Nano connectors:

16 Channel CM16LP, H16, HC16, OCM16, DM16, MR_CM16 Omnetics NPD18
32 Channel CM32, H32, HC32, OCM32, MR_CM32 Omnetics NPD36
64 Channel H64, H64LP, HC64 2x Omnetics NPD36

Dual Inline Pin

Dual Inline Pin connectors offer a versatile, reliable connection for acute applications.

16 Channel A16 Dual Inline Pin

TDT Zif-Clip™

Z32 HZ32

(Left: Z32; Right: HZ32)

TDT Zif-Clip™ headstages utilize miniature, low insertion force connectors. Because of their small size, we recommend Zif-Clip™ headstages and packages for chronic use.

16 Channel Z16, HZ16 TDT ZC16, ZC32
32 Channel Z32, HZ32 TDT ZC32
64 Channel Z64, HZ64 TDT ZC64


A32 A64

(Top: A64, CM32; Bottom: A32)

SAMTEC connectors are reliable, stable, high-density connectors standard in acute applications.

32 Channel A32 SAMTEC MOLC
64 Channel A64 2x SAMTEC MOLC

Matrix - Headstage Interface

Probe Package and Headstage Interface

The Matrix Array™ can be configured with a variety of connector assemblies for different applications.

Matrix Web

The NeuroNexus Primate Pedestal (above, right) protects the Matrix Array™ connectors, and is designed to be permanently implanted in large animals. The Pedestal is screwed into the skull, allowing the Connector Package to be installed securely to the head. This allows the Matrix Array™ assembly to be replaced, should the need arise.

The Pedestal comes in standard (shown) and Smart-enabled configurations.

The Matrix Array™ can also be configured in 64-channel and 128-channel chronic packages for small animals (above, left and middle).

Standard connectors are Omnetics NSD36. Adaptors can be specified for existing experimental setups.

Matrix Acute

The acute Y-Bracket Assembly allows the Matrix Array™ to be manipulated by a common stereotaxic system for probe insertion. It uses four Omnetics NSD36 connectors. Adaptors are available, if needed.

NOTE: While every effort is is made to product perfectly functioning probes, the Matrix Array™ is a very high channel count device and has 10% allowable irregular sites.

Neural Probes

Neural Probes

NeuroNexus offers a diverse line of high quality, high-density microelectrode arrays for neural interfaces.

A complete neural probe can be broken down into two parts: the electrode array and the package.

NeuralProbes Diagram2

The electrode array records brain activity. You can choose silicon penetrating arrays or flexible surface electrodes, and augment certain designs with optical fibers for optogenetics studies, or fluidic ports for drug delivery. NeuroNexus makes a wide range of standard designs, and customizing the electrode array is easy.

The package (A16 shown above) connects the electrode array to the headstage. Select a package that works best for your setup: there are configurations for almost any type of experiment or connector. The same probe can be paired with different packages, giving you a high degree of flexibility in configuring the best neural probe for your needs.

The Configuration Guide will show you how to generate a part number for ordering.

Specialty Applications

Specialty Applications

NeuroNexus probes are highly versatile, and can be customized for a wide variety of applications. NeuroNexus Standard probes can be augmented and modified for applications such as drug delivery and MRI. Surface Probes can be customized as sieve-type arrays to interface with nerves, or with large sites for deep brain neurostimulation.


Matrix Video2

See more of the Matrix Array

Close-up detail, Insertion methods, and more

Vector Video RS-01

Vector Array Deep Brain Probe

Learn how to effectively use the Vector Array on our YouTube channel.

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How to Order a NeuroNexus Optrode

Learn about all the options available to you when ordering a NeuroNexus Optrode.

Matrix RightShout

Matrix Array™

A true 3D neural interface, for both acute and chronic experiments.

RS SmartBox-01


Record up to 256 channels, simultaneously.