New Scale Multi-Probe Manipulator

Published November 8, 2017

MPM Outline

NeuroNexus is pleased to announce a new partnership with New Scale Technologies, adding the MPM Multi-Probe Manipulator System to our line of neural probes, systems, and software.

The MPM System is the only micromanipulator designed specifically for use with high-density silicon probes. It enables independent positioning and control of multiple neural probes in an extremely compact space, suitable for recording in small behaving animals.

The MPM System is easy to set up and use, with excellent repeatability across multiple experiments, making it a practical and powerful tool for researchers to accelerate data collection and discovery. Together with the SmartBox data acquisition system, it creates a total system solution for electrophysiology and optogenetics research.

NeuroNexus will demonstrate the MPM System positioning three NeuroNexus A32 silicon neural probes at Neuroscience 2017, Nov. 11-15 in Washington, DC. Visit us at booth 2234 to learn more!

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