Science Update news 2/14/17

Check out this article from the NeuroNexus Science Update, describing exciting research done using NeuroNexus products.
First Author: German Mendoza
Last Author: Hugo Merchant
Other authors: Adrien Peyrache, Jorge Gamez, Luis Prado, Gyorgi Buzsaki

Animal Model:  Monkey daily chronic recording experiment
Focus:  Pre-motor cortex area
Products Used:  Primate probes, penetrating electrode arrays
This paper evaluates a technique to semichronically record the cortical extracellular neural activity in the behaving monkey using NeuroNexus electrodes. Chronic microdrives were used that allow varying the depth of recording locations after implantation surgery. Exracellular unit activity was recorded from diferent depths of the presupplementary motor cortex (pre-SMA) of rhesus monkey that was trained in a tapping task. Cells were classified as putative pyramidal cells or interneurons. This work validated the semichronic technique as a viable option for large-scale parallel recordings of local circuit activity in the cortex of large animals.