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Science Update news 2/6/17

Check out this article from the NeuroNexus Science Update, describing exciting research done using NeuroNexus products.
First Author: Anthony J. Williams
Last Author: Qian-Quan Sun
Animal Model: Mouse, Focal Cortical Dysplasias
Focus: Epilepsy/Seizures
Products Used: SmartBox, Standard Probes

This paper evaluates aberrant brain neurophysiology, specifically focal cortical dysplacias (FCDs), which are common causes of brain seizures and often associated with intractable epilepsy. FCD was induced in a mouse model by neonatal freeze lesions (FLs) near the primary somatosensory cortex (S1). Linear multi-electrode arrays were used to record near the FL. Results indicated that FL animals exhibit a high prevalence of spontaneous spike-wave discharges, predominantly during sleep, and an increase in the incidence of hyper-excitable burst/suppression activity under general anesthesia. The paper concludes that monitoring the altered electrophysiology of burst activity under general anesthesia with multi-dimensional micro-electrode arrays may serve to define distinct neurophysiological biomarkers of epileptogenesis in human brain and improve techniques for surgical resection of epileptogenic malformed brain tissue.

SmartBox 2.0: Webinar Series

April 13, 2016

Along with the launch of the new SmartBox version 2 software, NeuroNexus will be hosting a series of webinars to explain and demonstrate new features and overall functionality in detail, as well as answer any questions. Each webinar is expected to last 45 minutes. Please register below!

Upcoming webinars:

APRIL 2016

4/15, 11 AM Eastern

4/20, 1 PM Eastern

4/22, 10 AM Eastern

4/27, 1 PM Eastern

4/28 (Korean-speaking), 10 AM Korea Local Time

4/29, 10 AM Eastern

NOTE: To help eliminate any last minute technical difficulties, it is strongly recommended that you perform a test meeting prior to your registered date. If needed, a test meeting will trigger the installation of any necessary add-on software, as well as test the audio and video connection.

SmartBox 2.0: Software Webinar

May 23rd, 2016


Dr. Andre Snellings demonstrates the new V2 software in detail. Watch the webinar to see how the seamless probe-centric software interface can help you effectively manage an experiment.

The webinar covers:

  • Navigating the new user interface
  • Experiment Configuration
  • Integrated mapping
  • Identifying spikes
  • Digital and Analog I/O Recording
  • File Conversion

Learn more about the SmartBox

SmartBox 2.0: High-Density Channel Display

April 11, 2016

The long-awaited version 2.0 SmartBox software is almost available. In the last blog entry we showed how easy it was to configure the screen to maximize the data stream window to focus primarily on the data. In this entry we’ll expand on that, showing more options for further focusing on the data streams as well as looking at many data streams simultaneously.

Let’s start with the recording looked at previously, with two probes connected into the first two ports on the SmartBox and the user having selected three channels of interest, one from the probe in port A and one from the probe in port B, and two digital inputs that are also inputting data at the top of the screen. Figure 1 shows the data in default mode, with the configuration panel (left), the probe map panel (right), and the digital/analog input windows (top) all active. Figure 2 shows the same set-up, but with the configuration and probe map panels closed to allow full-screen data streaming.

SmartBox v2 Blog4 1
Figure 1: SmartBox 2.0 software with two probes implanted, displaying shared information from the probes.
SmartBox v2 Blog4 2
Figure 2: SmartBox 2.0 software with two probes implanted, displaying the data in full screen mode.

Now, let’s go further. Suppose that you want to look at more channels of data simultaneously. With the SmartBox Version 2.0 software, you have the ability to change both the magnitude scale as well as the amount of space between each trace to fit more traces on the screen. In Figure 3 we see the same example, full-screen, but with 37 of the 64 traces displayed on the screen.

SmartBox v2 Blog4 3
Figure 3: SmartBox 2.0 software with two probes implanted, displaying shared information from the probes in ports A and B across the full screen, with 40 channels shown.

But we can go further still. For one thing, the digital/analog input panel can also be minimized at user discretion, leaving the entire computer screen free to display channel traces. Also, the magnitude and spacing can be minimized enough to display all of the channels on the screen. The only limits are the resolution allowed by your computer monitor and your visual ability to identify useful information. But up to 256 channels could be displayed on a single monitor, at user prerogative. Figure 4 shows the same example as above, with the digital/analog input panel minimized, and all 64 channels displayed on the screen.

SmartBox v2 Blog4 4
Figure 4: SmartBox 2.0 software with two probes implanted, displaying shared information from the probes in ports A and B across the full screen, with 64 channels shown.

The SmartBox 2.0 software is designed to make life easier for those during neural recordings. This is just one example, but it helps illustrate that using the SmartBox to record from NeuroNexus probes will allow users to maximize the convenience, utility, and power of their neural data acquisition experiments.

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