SmartBox 2.0: Webinar Series

April 13, 2016

Along with the launch of the new SmartBox version 2 software, NeuroNexus will be hosting a series of webinars to explain and demonstrate new features and overall functionality in detail, as well as answer any questions. Each webinar is expected to last 45 minutes. Please register below!

Upcoming webinars:

APRIL 2016

4/15, 11 AM Eastern

4/20, 1 PM Eastern

4/22, 10 AM Eastern

4/27, 1 PM Eastern

4/28 (Korean-speaking), 10 AM Korea Local Time

4/29, 10 AM Eastern

NOTE: To help eliminate any last minute technical difficulties, it is strongly recommended that you perform a test meeting prior to your registered date. If needed, a test meeting will trigger the installation of any necessary add-on software, as well as test the audio and video connection.

SmartBox Video

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Visit our YouTube playlist to learn more about hardware setup, recording with the SmartBox, and more.

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SmartBox™ Trial

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On the Blog:

SmartBox 2.0: Mapping for Spike Identification

SmartBox 01 Mapping Cropped

The SmartBox 2.0 software integrates probe mapping into the recording user interface, providing extremely convenient spike identification during recording.

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