NeuroNexus maintains close partnerships with researchers to develop reliable, high-performance devices for Optogenetics research.

Combined Optogenetics and Electrophysiology

Our Optoelectrodes are optimized for combined single-unit recording and optogenetic stimulation, with minimal photoelectric artefacts. By mounting optical fibers on the reverse side of our electrode arrays, our Optoelectrodes experience very low levels of artefacting.

A Reliable Chronic Solution

The oDrive chronic microdrive enables reliable chronic optogenetics experiments. By implementing microdrives into your chronic prep, the stable lifespan of your chronic experiment can extend to multiple days or weeks.

Multi-Fiber Probes

NeuroNexus offers the unique opportunity to configure multiple optical fibers on our Optoelectrodes. One fiber can be mounted to each electrode array shank, up to a maximum of eight per probe.