3D Printing Services


If you ever find yourself needing a custom-made part, NeuroNexus can help: we now offer 3D Printing services, at reasonable prices.

NeuroNexus 3D prints objects up to 298 x 185 x 203 mm in volume, using a biocompatible material, at resolutions down to 16 µm layers.

To get started, email your STL model to us to determine feasibility and obtain a quote.


Specifications - 3D Printing

Net Build Volume

298 x 185 x 203 mm

(11.75 x 7.3 x 8")


STANDARD: 375 x 375 x 790 DPI (xyz), 32 µm layers

ADVANCED: 750 x 750 x 890 DPI (xyz), 29 µm layers

PREMIUM: 750 x 750 x 1600 DPI (xyz), 16 µm layers

Accuracy (typical) 0.001 - 0.002" per inch of part dimension
Fitted Part Tolerance 100 µm, all sides
Minimum Threaded Hole M1
Minimum Hole Size 500 µm
Nested Feature Gap 200 µm, all sides
Minimum Wall Thickness 1 mm for best strength (Stiff ≥ 3 mm, flexible < 3mm)
Supported File Formats STL