New Scale Multi-Probe Manipulator System

MPM Outline

Automated probe positioning for electrophysiology & optogenetics:

  • Five probes (15 axes) automatically positioned from one PC application
  • Fully engineered apparatus space-optimized for upright or inverted experiments
  • Optional probe mounting kits
  • Optional joystick control

Each probe arm has four degrees of freedom for initial pre-adjustment, along with three axes of motion for automated positioning. The motorized positioners allow precise control of x-y location and z insertion depth, automatically and independently moving each probe to the optimum location in the brain.

All five micropositioners – a total of 15 axes of automated motion – are controlled from a single PC screen using the fully-integrated motion control software included with the system.

In addition to silicon probes with hundreds of channels, the MPM System is compatible with tetrodes and other probes. It can be used to simultaneously position optical waveguides or optical fibers for research combining electrophysiology with optogenetic stimulation.