Neural Probes

Neural Probes

NeuroNexus offers a diverse line of high quality, high-density microelectrode arrays for neural interfaces.

A complete neural probe can be broken down into two parts: the electrode array and the package.

NeuralProbes Diagram2

The electrode array records brain activity. You can choose silicon penetrating arrays or flexible surface electrodes, and augment certain designs with optical fibers for optogenetics studies, or fluidic ports for drug delivery. NeuroNexus makes a wide range of standard designs, and customizing the electrode array is easy.

The package (A16 shown above) connects the electrode array to the headstage. Select a package that works best for your setup: there are configurations for almost any type of experiment or connector. The same probe can be paired with different packages, giving you a high degree of flexibility in configuring the best neural probe for your needs.

The Configuration Guide will show you how to generate a part number for ordering.

Matrix Video2

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