Matrix Array (Small Animal)

The Matrix Array can be configured for acute or chronic small animal experiments, interfacing with large populations of neurons in 3D space, up to 10 mm deep.

  • 3D Neural Interface – The Matrix Array concurrently spans cortical columns and layers, covering a volume of tissue and interfacing with large populations of neurons.
  • Robust – Lab-tested and refined to the smallest detail, the Matrix Array can withstand demanding chronic applications.
  • Versatile – The modular assembly of the Matrix Array allows for varied configurations: record from cortical and/or subcortical areas, as well as from the brain surface, all with the same probe. Electrode length, site area, and shank/site spacing can all be customized for your application.
  • High Channel Density – Record and stimulate from 64 or 128 channels.
  • Refined surgical procedure – NeuroNexus worked closely with labs to develop a low-speed, low-risk, automated implantation procedure, reducing recovery time and preserving tissue health.
  • Optogenetics-compatible – Configure a Matrix Array with an integrated optical fiber for novel optogenetics applications.


Channel Count 64, 128
X-Axis (2D Array) Dimension 1800 µm max width
Y-Axis (2D Array) Spacing Options 200 µm, 300 µm, 600 µm (specify when ordering)
Z Span (Depth) Up to 15 mm (customizable)
Cable Length (Distance from implant to pedestal) 30 mm (customizable up to 50 mm)
Electrode Site Material Iridium (standard); Platinum, Gold (custom)
Electrode Array Thickness 50 µm
Package Dimensions (W x L x H) 13 mm x 6.6 mm x 11.7 mm (64 channels)
13 mm x 10.2 mm x 11.7 mm (128 channels)

Ordering Information

  • Browse the Primate Catalog to see currently available electrode array designs.
  • Select your desired array designs. Choose 2 arrays for 64-channel Matrix Arrays, or 4 for 128-channel Matrix Arrays. You may mix array designs to create a tailored neural interface.
  • Select your desired spacing between arrays: 200 µm, 300 µm, or 600 µm.
  • Select your self-aligning adaptor to connect to your recording system.