Multi-Fiber Optoelectrodes

NeuroNexus now offers multi-fiber optoelectrodes for expanded optogenetics applications in a compact, robust package. We can currently configure up to 8 fibers per probe (one fiber per shank). Because of the physical limitations of optical fibers and NeuroNexus microelectrode arrays, there are some design constraints. Multi-fiber optoelectrodes are only available in LP (bare ferrule) packages. Please contact us for more information.

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ABOVE: 4 optical fibers mounted on an Buzsaki32 multichannel probe

Specifications - Multi-Fiber Optoelectrodes

Fiber Fused silica, 50 µm (etched) or 105 µm core (dual fiber only), multi-mode
Outer Diameter

65 µm (etched)

125 µm (105 µm core - dual fiber only)

Weight (Coupler) < 0.5 g
Numerical Aperture


Durability < 5% transmission variability after 40 connections
Rotation Test < 2% variation over 1 rotation
Connection Strength > 300 g before latch separation (typical)
Max. Shear Force 900 g (applied to top of female coupler)
Length Tolerance ± 500 µm
Fiber Tip Profile Flat

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How to Order a NeuroNexus Optrode

Learn about all the options available to you when ordering a NeuroNexus Optrode.