Implantable Optical Fiber


Implantable optical fibers are ideal for experiments requiring only optical stimulation without electrical recording from nearby neurons. The implantable fiber length can be customized between 2 - 10 mm; the standard length is 2.5 mm. Note that the base of the NNc (not shown) is designed to sit on the skull; therefore when determining the desired fiber length, one needs to take into account skull thickness. 

Implantable optical fibers are available with 105 μm core diameters, which are ideal for Optoelectrode and fiber implant users who want to minimize tissue damage.

Specifications - Optoelectrodes

Fiber Fused silica, 105 µm core, multi-mode
Outer Diameter 125 µm (105 µm core)
Weight (Coupler) < 0.5 g
Numerical Aperture


Durability < 5% transmission variability after 40 connections
Rotation Test < 2% variation over 1 rotation
Connection Strength > 300 g before latch separation (typical)
Max. Shear Force 900 g (applied to top of female coupler)
Length Tolerance ± 500 µm
Fiber Tip Profile Flat
Note Internal reference site is disconnected as standard. Certain designs may allow ref. site connection; contact us for specifics.

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