Standard Probes

Drug Delivery

The E16-20mm-100-177 microelectrode array can be mounted on a fluidic tube to combine drug delivery and electrophysiological recording. The fluidic tube is mounted on the lower side of the microelectrode array, and the delivery port is at the distal end of the fluidic tube.

The fluidic interface is compatible with standard HPLC adaptors for interfacing with external injection pumps. Typically, a pressure-based delivery mechanism is used.

As with many of our products, the drug delivery probe can be customized. Contact us for your customization needs.

Interface Options

The D16 and DM16 packages are designed for drug delivery applications. The D16 is intended for acute use, and has the same general specifications as the A16 package. The DM16 is intended for chronic experiments, and is similar to the CM16LP package.

Specifications - Drug Delivery

Electrode Site Material Platinum
Total Probe Thickness ≈ 185 µm
Coupling Conduit


OD: 1590 µm

ID: 230 µm

Fluidic Port

Fused silica

OD: 165 µm

ID: 100 µm

Fluidic Port Tip Angle

90° (Standard)

45° (Custom)

Implantable Length 15 - 18 mm
Electrode Coverage 1.5 mm
Channel Count 16
Available Packages D16, DM16