Surface Probes

Nerve Probes

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ABOVE IMAGE: (Left) Model of a thin-film Cuff array, showing multiple contacts, (Right) Recordings from a Cuff array during an experiment at UCLA.

NeuroNexus Surface Probes can be custom designed and pre-curved to interface with a variety of nerves. With a thickness of merely 20 μm, the Surface Probe is extremely flexible, allowing it to be wrapped around a nerve. Our versatile MEMS process lets you design recording and stimulation sites in almost any configuration to meet your experimental needs. Alternatively, a sieve-type microelectrode array can be realized by designing arrays with holes, which can be seeded with neural growth factor to promote axonal growth through the microelectrode sites.

Headstage Interface

Nerve probes can be configured with a variety of connectors to interface with a headstage, or custom connector packages can be assembled. Contact us for more information.

Specifications - Nerve Probes

Substrate Material Polyamide
Electrode Site Material Platinum
Array Thickness 20 µm
Cable Length 5, 6, 10, 20, 30 mm
(varies by design)
Channel Count 16, 32, 64
(varies by design)