Neural Probes

Neurostimulation Probes

The rDBSA (research-Deep Brain Stimulation Array) is the research-grade version of an innovative clinical DBS technology that NeuroNexus developed. The rDBSA is a high-resolution multichannel probe for use in DBS research in animal models. The novel design enables more precise, selective and tunable microstimulation of deep brain structures. This establishes a significantly enhanced neural interface that enables more flexibility in microelectrode positioning, selective and precise current delivery and stimulation programming.

Array Designs

There are two rDBSA designs currently available. Type 1 features linear columns of microelectrode sites, and Type 2 utilizes offset sites.

NOTE: Standard Probes can also be used for stimulation.

Probe Package

The rDBSA uses an Omnetics Nano 36-pin headstage connection.

Specifications - Neurostimulation

Electrode Site Material


Substrate Material Polyamide
Lead Diameter 0.75 mm
Penetration Length up to 45 mm
Electrode Contact Shape Elliptical
Number of Contacts 32