Surface Probes

Surface Probes

ECoG Spikes-01

Surface microelectrode arrays are fabricated using our polymer MEMS technology, resulting in an ultra-flexible substrate designed to conform to the brain surface. These arrays are designed for surface electrocortigram (ECoG) recording, and can stimulate with appropriate electrode site optimization. They may be combined with Standard probes to establish concurrent surface and intracortical interfaces. Surface probes can also interface with a variety of nerves.

Array Designs

NeuroNexus offers a variety of catalog designs suitable for use in species ranging from mice to non-human primates. All Surface microelectrode arrays are integrated with a flexible polymer cable. (Length varies by electrode design.)

Headstage Interface

Surface probes can connect to Omnetics Nano- or TDT Zif Clip™- equipped headstages via the H-Series and HZ-Series packages, respectively. Packages can be easily customized for other headstages.

Specifications - Surface Probes

Substrate Material Polyimide
Electrode Site Material Platinum
Array Thickness 20 µm
Cable Length 5, 6, 10, 20, 30 mm
(varies by design)
Channel Count 16, 32, 64
(varies by design)


Custom Design Portfolio

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