Matrix Array™


The Matrix Array™ is our 3-dimensional neural probe for small and large animal models, designed with proven silicon technology and optimized for both acute and chronic recording and stimulation. The Matrix Array™ concurrently spans cortical columns and layers, covering a volume of tissue and interfacing with large populations of neurons.

The Matrix Array™ can be configured with a variety of connector assemblies for both acute and chronic applications, including non-human primates. NeuroNexus has developed an insertion tool to enable carefully calibrated Matrix Array™ insertions.


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The Matrix Array™ consists of our industry-standard 2D silicon microelectrode arrays installed into a silicon platform. Both the slot spacing and the 2D microelectrode arrays can be customized, giving you unsurpassed flexibility in customizing a true 3D probe capable of spanning any anatomical structure. An ultra-flexible cable assembly connects the Matrix Array™ to conventional percutaneous connectors.

Customizing a Matrix Array™ is simple, and we recommend contacting us to customize a Matrix Array™ for your needs.