Matrix Array

Probe Package and Headstage Interface

The Matrix Array™ can be configured with a variety of connector assemblies for different applications.

Matrix Web

The NeuroNexus Primate Pedestal (above, right) protects the Matrix Array™ connectors, and is designed to be permanently implanted in large animals. The Pedestal is screwed into the skull, allowing the Connector Package to be installed securely to the head. This allows the Matrix Array™ assembly to be replaced, should the need arise.

The Pedestal comes in standard (shown) and Smart-enabled configurations.

The Matrix Array™ can also be configured in 64-channel and 128-channel chronic packages for small animals (above, left and middle).

Standard connectors are Omnetics NSD36. Adaptors can be specified for existing experimental setups.

Matrix Acute

The acute Y-Bracket Assembly allows the Matrix Array™ to be manipulated by a common stereotaxic system for probe insertion. It uses four Omnetics NSD36 connectors. Adaptors are available, if needed.

NOTE: While every effort is is made to product perfectly functioning probes, the Matrix Array™ is a very high channel count device and has 10% allowable irregular sites.


Channel Count

64, 128
(256 available as custom order)

Y-Axis Array Spacing 300 μm, 600 μm, or 1000 μm (specify when ordering)
Z Span Up to 15 mm (customizable)
Cable Length 30 mm (customizable up to 50 mm)
Electrode Site Material Iridium (standard), Platinum (custom), Gold (custom)
Electrode Thickness 50 μm
Available Packages Primate Pedestal, Small Animal Chronic, Acute Y-Bracket

Matrix Video2

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Close-up detail, Insertion methods, and more

RS SmartBox-01


Record up to 256 channels, simultaneously.