Vector Array

Vector Array™

The Vector Array™ is a neural probe design optimized for large animal deep brain applications (e.g. non-human primate, porcine, etc.). The probe design is completely overhauled to fully take advantage of our industry-leading silicon multichannel microelectrode technology.

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The distal end of the Vector Array™ interfacing with the target region is a customizable NeuroNexus silicon microelectrode array, which has a maximum width of 175 µm and narrows to 20 µm at the tip site for the Edge design, and 75 µm for the Poly2 design. The proximal body of the Vector Array™ is a rigid metal tube (Support Body). This hybrid assembly combines a high-quality, proven neural interface at the critical region while providing the elongated probe system with a robust body.


Vector Specs




Package# CHConnector/Headstage
V16, OV16 16 Omnetics NPD18 (2 Guideposts)
V32, OV32 32 Omnetics NPD36 (4 Guideposts)
V64 64 2x Omnetics NPD36 (4 Guideposts)


Omnetics32-M-F-Jumper_MRI MRI compatible, 32-ch Omnetics male-to-female jumper (approx. 2.5")
Omnetics32/16_x2-Jumper_MRI MRI compatible, 32-ch Omnetics male to 2x 16-ch Omnetics female jumper (2.25")
Adpt-OM32-A32 Connects to 32-ch Samtec headstage
Adpt-OM32-OM16 Down-converts to 16-ch Omnetics connector. Flexible wiring/channel mapping.
Adpt-OM32-OM16x2 Connects to two 16-ch Omnetics headstages
Adpt-OM32-Z32 Connects to 32-ch Zif Clip™ headstage
Guidetube Stainless steel, 23 Gauge, 35 mm length
Vector Array Alignment Device Contact us for microdrive-specific designs

Specifications - Vector Array™

Silicon Electrode Length 10 mm or 15 mm
Support Tube Length 60 mm or 100 mm (Add Electrode Length to obtain total Implantable Length)
Silicon Electrode Width 20 µm (min - Edge) / 75 µm (min - Poly 2), 175 µm (max)
Silicon Electrode Thickness 50 µm
Channel Count 16, 32, 64
Site Layout Edge or Poly2
Site Coverage 375 µm to 6300 µm, depending on design
Site Area 177 µm2
Site Material Iridium
Site Target SU or LFP/Stimulation
Support Body Diameter (non-recording area) 315 µm OD (16-ch), 400 µm OD (32-ch, 64-ch)

Vector Video RS-01

Vector Array Deep Brain Probe

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