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SmartLink Headstages allow conventional probes to interface with the SmartBox™.

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Specifications - SmartLink™ Headstages

A/D Resolution 16-bit
Sampling Rates 1 kS/s - 30 kS/s per channel
Cutoff Frequency

Adjustable; Lower: 0.1 - 500 Hz, Upper: 100 Hz - 20 kHz

Low Input-referred Noise 2.4 µVrms typical
Input Range ± 5 mV
Smallest Detectable Signal ≅ 15 µV

Amplifier Differential Gain

(in midband region between fL and fH)

192 V/V (45.7 dB)

Amplifier DC Differential Gain

0 (Complete DC rejection)
Amplifier Input Impedance

1300 MΩ at f = 10 Hz

13 MΩ at f = 1 kHz


To view the full specifications of SmartLink™ headstages, download this technical document.

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