A Comparison of Sleeplike Slow Oscillations in the Hippocampus Under Ketamine and Urethane Anesthesia

By June 10, 2010

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Arjun V. Sharma Clayton T. Dickson
J Neurophysiology Acute Rat male Sprague–Dawley rats Hippocampus Penetrating Electrode A1x16-5mm-100-703|A1x16-10mm-100-703 A16

During sleep and anesthesia, a slow (

Sharma, Arjun V, Trish Wolansky, and Clayton T Dickson. "A comparison of sleeplike slow oscillations in the hippocampus under ketamine and urethane anesthesia." Journal of Neurophysiology 104.2 (2010) : 932-939.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20538775 June 10, 2010 Department of Psychology, Centre for Neuroscience, and Department of Physiology, University of Alberta