SmartBox™ Trial

Thank you for your interest in the SmartBox™. We are confident that the SmartBox™ will exceed every aspect of your expectation for an electrophysiology workstation. Upon the end of the two week evaluation period (beginning when you receive the SmartBox™), you have the option to keep the system and pay for the unit. If the unit has been previously evaluated, you have option to keep the unit for a discount, or exchange it for a new unit.

Please fill out this form and email or fax it to us. We will contact you promptly regarding your SmartBox™ Trial.

SmartBox Video

See the SmartBox in Action

Visit our YouTube playlist to learn more about hardware setup, recording with the SmartBox, and more.

On the Blog:

SmartBox 2.0: Mapping for Spike Identification

SmartBox 01 Mapping Cropped

The SmartBox 2.0 software integrates probe mapping into the recording user interface, providing extremely convenient spike identification during recording.

Visit the blog to learn more

RS SmartBox-01


Record up to 256 channels, simultaneously.