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Find supporting document and information on all NeuroNexus products.  We are producing new video guides - stay tuned for updates or suggest a topic/product for video!

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Product Guides

Download product literature, forms, and tech notes.  Be sure to check out our libraries of video guides.

Probe Usage Guide

Recommendations for implantation and usage.

Probe Site Maps

Download probe site maps, which describe the relationship between a site and a connector channel.  Maps are organized by the Probe Packages, as each may be different.

niPOD Support

Download documents, software, and FAQ related to niPOD.

Community-powered Support

Visit the community-powered site for answers to frequently asked questions and ask other researchers directly.  This feature is currently under beta evaluation.  Note that NeuroNexus does not monitor this site regularly.  For specific questions, please send us an email directly.