SmartBox How-To Videos

As new features for the SmartBox V2 come online, we will be adding how-to videos both here and on our YouTube channel.

If there is a specific demonstration video you would like to see, please contact us.

SmartBox V2: GUI

SmartBox V2: Configure for Experiment

SmartBox V2: Probe Selection and Integrated Mapping

SmartBox V2: Stream and Customize Display

SmartBox V2: Identifying Spikes with a Speaker

SmartBox V2: Spike Identification and the Spike Scope

SmartBox V2: Identifying Channels of Interest

SmartBox V2: Disabling and Renaming Channels

SmartBox V2: Digital and Analog A/O

SmartBox V2: Adjust Time Scale and Snapshot Stream

SmartBox V2: Recording and File Conversion

Wiring Configurations

CM32 Wiring Configuration Updated February 19, 2014
H32 Wiring Configuration January 3, 2014
H32 ECoG Wiring Configuration January 3, 2014
H64LP Wiring Configuration Updated October 21, 2014
Z16/32 Wiring Configuration Updated August 23, 2017

What Are B-Stock Probes?

All NeuroNexus probes undergo extensive electrical and mechanical testing and inspection for all electrode channels before leaving our lab. At times, select probes exhibit a few channels with electrical shorts or open sites (out of 16/32/64 available), but are otherwise perfectly functional. These probes therefore do not pass our normal quality checks, and become B-Stock probes.

We typically have B-Stock probes in a variety of electrode and package combinations. All B-Stock probes are fully assembled, can be shipped immediately, and are discounted based on the number of irregular channels. Irregular channels are identified in the delivery documentation shipped with every order.

SmartBox™ Downloads

Title Description
SmartBox™ USB Drivers Please install drivers before using SmartBox™
SmartBox™ User Interface All files must be kept in the same directory. NeuroNexus recommends creating a shortcut to "SmartBox.exe" on your desktop. DO NOT move "SmartBox.exe" to your desktop.
SmartBox™ Instruction Manual v1.5, Updated June 12, 2014.
read_Intan_RHD2000_file.m‎ Read .rhd files into MATLAB. Both the "read_Intan_RHD2000_file.m" and "upsample2x.m" files need to be in the same folder as the SmartBox™ files for this operation to function correctly.
NEX Converter Convert .rhd files to NEX format. (Updated January 27, 2016)

In a Hurry?

There are several ways to speed up the delivery schedule:

Allow partial deliveries.

If your order consists of a large number of probes and/or multiple designs, chances are some of the probes will become available before the others. Advise your sales co-ordinator to ship probes as they become available. Please note that additional shipping charges or customs fees may apply.

Rush your order.

We may be able to deliver your order in 7-10 business days. A 25% premium will be included, but you must confirm a rushed order with your sales co-ordinator.

Provide alternative designs.

If the electrode design you need is not available, chances are there is at least one with close enough design parameters to meet your needs. Browse through the Electrode Array Design section in our catalog to find alternatives, or give us a call!

Consider B-Stock probes.

B-Stock probes have electrodes with very few irregular sites, but are otherwise perfectly functional. Most designs and configurations have B-Stock probes available for fast shipping. Check our webstore to browse available probes.