Handling Surface Electrodes

Surface Electrodes have an integrated ribbon cable made of polyimide. This cable is very flexible in all directions and can be folded if needed. Crimping should be avoided as it may compromise probe insulation.

  • Holes are designed to allow for implantation with depth probes, but can also function as perforation or anchor/suture holes.
  • Regions without interconnect traces or metal sites can be cut to allow for better conformation to the brain surface. This may damage the probe if done incorrectly. Proceed with care.

Basic Implantation Strategy

  1. Prior to surgery, measure impedances and sterilize the probe using Ethylene oxide.
  2. Prep the animal and open the craniotomy using your approved protocol.
  3. Carefully install bone screws and be sure to leave enough space to allow the probes to be bent and implanted.
  4. Mount the probes on the bone screw, which serves as contact for signal referencing and anchor for mounting the probe.
  5. Place the probe over the brain surface and hold it down with a layer of agar and then build up “dams” using gelfoam. Completely fill and protect the ribbon cable with silicone.
  6. Close up the craniotomy using dental acrylic.
  7. Check impedance and compare with impedance data from step 1 to make sure that the probe was not damaged or broken during the implantation.