Recommendations for new users

Consider practice kit & B-Stock probes

New users sometimes break probes due to lack of handling/insertion experience. Training Kits are designed for insertion practices or mock surgeries. B-Stock probes are also recommended for novice users because of the immediate availability and reduced cost. B-Stock also offers the opportunity to sample various probe parameters, such as site area and shank strength.

Start with acute

Acute probes are easier to handle because of the size of the PCB package. Acute experiments are often more manageable and perhaps more predictable. NeuroNexus offers several different packaging options while the actual implanted probe design remains the same. When getting into chronic experiments, consider using a microdrive setup such as the nDrive to prolong the duration of a chronic experiment.

Start with catalog probe designs

It is possible to custom design probes to your exact specifications.  However, the custom design requires considerable financial commitment. Prior experience with our technology will better ensure a successful custom design outcome.

Use the right equipment & tools

Using proper headstage amplifiers will eliminate/reduce noise. It is recommended that you use commercial amplifier systems with NeuroNexus probes. Instrumentation systems, such as niPOD, are helpful for troubleshooting and maintenance of your NeuroNexus probes.

Plan ahead

Most NeuroNexus probes are built to order. Order probes ahead of time with backup to ensure your experiment will go smoothly.