SmartBox™ Downloads

Title Description
SmartBox™ USB Drivers Please install drivers before using SmartBox™
SmartBox™ User Interface All files must be kept in the same directory. NeuroNexus recommends creating a shortcut to "SmartBox.exe" on your desktop. DO NOT move "SmartBox.exe" to your desktop.
SmartBox™ Instruction Manual v1.5, Updated June 12, 2014.
read_Intan_RHD2000_file.m‎ Read .rhd files into MATLAB. Both the "read_Intan_RHD2000_file.m" and "upsample2x.m" files need to be in the same folder as the SmartBox™ files for this operation to function correctly.
NEX Converter Convert .rhd files to NEX format. (Updated January 27, 2016)