If you are writing a proposal to the NIH BRAIN Initiative®, we invite you to consider NeuroNexus as a collaborator or supplier for your research program.

As an official BRAIN Initiative® industry partner, NeuroNexus is uniquely positioned at the intersection of neuroscience, technology, and clinical applications.

NeuroNexus has access to state-of-the-art neuromodulation technologies and devices used in human therapies. The NeuroNexus neuromodulation catalog includes both conventional neuromodulation leads, as well as high-density, thin-film microelectrodes. Both types of leads can be customized and configured for recording and/or stimulation.

To learn more about our offerings for clinical research applications, download the Neuromodulation brochure. Contact us today to discuss your research, and learn how our turnkey solutions can get you up and running quickly.

Our SmartBox™ data acquisition system provides a powerful yet cost-effective solution for neural data acquisition. The SmartBox™ stimulation modules provide up to 25 channels of independent constant-current sources with advanced stimulation protocols (frequency, amplitude, and waveforms), and come in three form factors – desktop, wearable, and implantable.

Our extensive portfolio of custom designs demonstrates our understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness of your research. With our extensive background in neuroscience and engineering, along with advanced fabrication capabilities, NeuroNexus is able to provide a wide range of custom tools and devices.

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