The Q1x1-tet-5mm-121 probe is part of our Qtrode line of probes, designed for low channel count experiments or to replace tetrodes and/or wires.


Electrode Site Material Iridium (standard)
Electrode Thickness 15 µm or 50 µm
Electrode Length 5 mm
Site Layout Tetrode
Channel Count 4
Available Packages Acute, Chronic, Flex Cable (microdrive compatible)

Ordering Information

The Q4 package is designed for easy handling in acute applications.

The CQ4 and HQ4 packages are designed for chronic applications. The CQ4 is a miniaturized package for minimal weight and size, while the HQ4 package includes a flex cable to allow for connector standoff from the implant site.

Microdrive Compatibility
The HQ4 is compatible with the dDrive.

Qtrodes can be configured for both acute (OQ4) and chronic (OCQ4) Optogenetics applications.

Multiple Implant
The Electrode Interface Board (EIB) is part of a miniaturized system that allows multiple probe implants in one animal. The EIB interfaces with the Qtrode Interface Board (QIB) to connect to your recording system.

Headstage Connection
The acute Qtrode package uses edge card technology, while the chronic Qtrode package uses a miniature 5-pin connector. NeuroNexus recommends purchasing an appropriate adaptor with your Qtrode to match your headstage.

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