Connector Type Omnetics NPD36 (V32, VC32), Zif Clip (VZ32, VCZ32)
Total Length* 70 mm or 110 mm
Silicon Electrode Thickness 50 µm
Site Material Iridium
Site Target Single Unit or LFP/Stimulation
Support Body Diameter (non-recording area) 400 µm OD

*Total length does not factor in chamber offset from the brain surface. Please consider this measurement when ordering.

Opto-Vector Array Fiber Options:

  • 50 µm dia. core / 62.5 µm dia. cladding / 0.22 NA
  • 50 µm dia. core / 85 µm O.D. / 0.22 NA / Coupling Loss: -3.2 dB per junction (measured with NeuroNexus standard 105 µm patch cable)
  • 105 µm dia. core / 125 µm dia. cladding / 0.22 NA
  • 105 µm dia. core / 125 µm dia. cladding / 0.66 NA

Ordering Information

The Vector Array can be ordered for acute use, optogenetics applications, or chronic use with a chamber-mounted microdrive.

Vector Array™ Alignment Device Used to mount a guidetube and/or protective sleeve onto the Vector Array™
Guidetube Stainless steel, 23 gauge, 35 mm length
OM32-M-F-Jumper_MRI MRI compatible 32-ch Omnetics male-to-female jumper (approx. 2.5″ / 63.5 mm)
OM32/16_x2-Jumper_MRI MRI compatible 32-ch Omnetics male to 2x 16-ch Omnetics female jumper (approx. 2.25″ / 57 mm)
Adpt-OM32-A32 Connects 32-ch Vector Array™ to 32-ch SAMTEC headstage
Adpt-OM32-OM16x2 Connects 32-ch Vector Array™ to two 16-ch Omnetics headstages
Adpt-OM32-Z32 Connects 32-ch Vector Array™ to 32-ch Zif Clip™ headstage
First-time Vector Array purchases come with a free non-functioning mechanical sample.

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