Multi-Probe Manipulator

Master multiple simultaneous recordings with the Multi-Probe Manipulator (MPM), the only micromanipulator designed specifically for positioning the newest silicon probes used in acute in-vivo recordings.

  • Get creative with your experiments – isolate neurons with one probe, record LFPs with a second probe, and stimulate with third, all while recording mapped signals with the SmartBox data acquisition system. The sky’s the limit!
  • Easily control 5 or more probes – each probe micropositioner enables 3 axes of motion, all controlled by a single computer application.
  • Gross manual + Fine automated control – four-axis arms enable quick setup, and three-axis automated micromanipulators adjust probe position with sub-micrometer precision.
  • Flexible device compatibility – Use any combination of probes, tetrodes, optical fibers, and waveguides to take your experiment to the next level.

"We needed a practical solution for multi-probe, simultaneous measurements of interactions among neurons distributed throughout the brain... Many very interesting scientific questions can be investigated using this new method of simultaneous recording."

Dr. Josh SiegleAllen Institute for Brain Science


Travel Range 15 mm / axis
Payload 100 g (recommended) / 200 g (maximum)
Speed 4 mm/s
Resolution 0.5 µm
Bi-directional Repeatability < 5 µm
Accuracy < 20 µm
Dimensions 32 mm x 32 mm x 11 mm with each embedded controller

Ordering Information

Items needed for each MPM system:

MPM-System Kit Includes mechanical hardware, instructions, USB hub, USB cables,
and MPM software.
MPM-Ring-72-DEG Mounting ring for 72-degree section. Minimum required: ONE for 1-2 probes, TWO for 3-4 probes, THREE for 5 probes.
MPM-Platform (Optional) Platform for mounting MPM rings and manipulators in inverted configuration
MPM-Joystick (Optional) Joystick with USB connection to operate MPM software

Items needed for each probe:

MPM-4 DOF ARM-X MPM Four-DOF manual positioner (Specify upright or inverted configuration)
M3-LS-3.4-15-XYZ-MPM-X Three-axis motorized micromanipulator. Includes: (3) M3-LS-3.4-15 Linear Smart Stages assembled into XYZ configuration, (1) M3-USB-3:1 Adapter (Specify upright or inverted configuration)
MPM-Probe Mount-X Mounting bracket and kit for specific probes. Contact us for options.

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