SmartBox Data Acquisition System

The SmartBox represents a paradigm shift in data acquisition: a powerful, portable, turnkey 256-channel system with integrated probe mapping and extensive connectivity.

    • Powerful – record up to 256 channels simultaneously, from up to 4 concurrent independent experiments, at up to 30,000 samples/second
    • Portable – Take your recording system and laptop with you and record from anywhere
    • Integrated Probe Mapping – Obtain new insight into your experiment with real-time spatial estimates of spike locations
    • Flexible Post-processing – Raw data is streamed to disk for maximum options in post-processing. Read data into MATLAB or export to other programs for analysis.
    • Connect to peripherals – A total of 8 I/O connections (4 analog, 4 digital) enable signal synchronization with digital and analog peripherals.
    • Plug and Play – The SmartBox arrives ready to go, with minimal setup required

See what the SmartBox can do for you with a two-week trial.

"The SmartBox has been a huge accelerant for our research."

Dr. Murray BlackmoreMarquette University


Acquisition Channel Count Up to 256
A/D Resolution 16-bit
Sampling Rates 1 kS/s – 30 kS/s per channel
Peripheral Output 2 Analog*, BNC (± 3.3 V)
2 Digital*, BNC (0 – 5 V)
Peripheral Input 2 Analog*, BNC (0 – 3.3 V)
2 Digital*, BNC (3.3 V)
Audio Monitoring 1 stereo line out (3.5 mm), user selectable
Cutoff Frequency Adjustable; Lower: 0.1 – 500 Hz, Upper: 100 Hz – 20 kHz
Low Input-referred Noise 2.4 µVrms typical
Input Range ± 5 mV
Smallest Detectable Signal ≅ 15 µV
Included SmartBox™, power cable, USB cable, HDMI cable, SmartLink headstages (if ordered) with one extra HDMI cable per headstage, Laptop
*Additional Input/Output available via the DB50 expansion port.