SmartLink Headstages

Connect conventional high impedance probes (such as NeuroNexus Standard Probes) to the SmartBox system.

    • Reduced noise and motion artifact – Because signal digitization occurs right at the implant location, SmartLink headstages allow probes to perform better in the noisy environments typically found in surgical suites.


A/D Resolution 16-bit, 0.15 µV
Sampling Rates 1 kS/s – 30 kS/s per channel
Cutoff Frequency Adjustable: 0.1 – 500 Hz (Lower) 100 – 20,000 Hz (Upper)
Low Input-referred noise 2.4 µVrms typical
Input Range ±5 mV
Smallest Detectable Signal ≈ 15 µV
Differential Gain
192 V/V (45.7 dB)
Amplifier DC Differential Gain 0 (Complete DC rejection)
Amplifier Input Impedance 1300 MΩ at f = 10 Hz

13 MΩ at f = 1,000 Hz

Ordering Information

Chronic SmartLink16 Connect a 16 channel conventional probe (eg. CM16, H16 probes) to the SmartBox.
Acute SmartLink16 Connect an A16 probe to the SmartBox.
Chronic SmartLink32 Connect a 32 channel conventional probe (eg. CM32, H32 probes) to the SmartBox.
Acute SmartLink32 Connect an A32 probe to the SmartBox.
Chronic SmartLink64 Connect a 64 channel conventional probe to the SmartBox.
Acute SmartLink64 Connect an A64 probe to the SmartBox.

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