oDrive (Optogenetics-enabled Microdrive)

The oDrive is the optogenetics-enabled version of the compact and accurate dDrive chronic microdrive.

  • 150 µm/turn – Carefully target brain layers with the oDrive’s high accuracy.
  • Right-sized for different animal models – The oDrive comes intwo sizes for different animal models. Minimize strain on a small animal or rodent with the oDrive-m, or size up to the oDrive-xL for larger brains and animals.
  • Lightweight – The oDrive-m weighs 0.65 g, while the oDrive-xL weighs 0.9 g.
  • Fiber Options – Select from four different optical fiber options to match your needs. See specifications below for more information.
  • Simplified implant – NeuroNexus worked closely with labs to develop a low-risk implant procedure. Ask us for a demonstration video!


oDrive Variant oDrive-m oDrive-xL
Drive Range 2.5 mm 7.0 mm
Dimensions (W x L x H) 9.5 x 8 x 12 (mm) 9.5 x 8 x 18.5 (mm)
Weight 0.65 g 0.9 g
Drive Resolution 150 µm/turn 150 µm/turn
Drive Mechanism Screw base Screw base
Optical Termination 1.25 mm ferrule 1.25 mm ferrule

Available Fibers (specify when ordering):

  • 50 µm dia. core / 62.5 µm dia. cladding / 0.22 NA
  • 50 µm dia. core / 85 µm O.D. / 0.22 NA / Coupling Loss: -3.2 dB per junction (measured with NeuroNexus standard 105 µm patch cable)
  • 105 µm dia. core / 125 µm dia. cladding / 0.22 NA
  • 105 µm dia. core / 125 µm dia. cladding / 0.66 NA

oDrives are currently available with one fiber only.

Ordering Information

oDrive-m / oDrive-xL Full oDrive kit (probe mounted unless otherwise specified)
oDrive 5-pack
oDrive Screwdriver Mounts to the drive screw to advance or retract the probe.
IST-Adpt Mounts to a stereotaxic frame (for Kopf 7.9 mm)
IST-2mm 2 mm rod connects oDrive package to IST-Adpt for implant

Further Information (Please read before ordering; contact us with any questions):

  • The oDrive ships with the probe fully retracted. To perform the initial advancement of the probe, turn counterclockwise; failure to do so will strip the drive screw. (This only applies when the oDrive is in the fully retracted position.)
  • When ordering a probe longer than the oDrive drive range, the excess length will protrude past the base. For example, a 5 mm probe on an oDrive-m (2.5 mm drive range) will ship with 2.5 mm of the probe protruding.
  • The optical fiber can be terminated with approx. 50 µm accuracy anywhere along the probe shank. Any sites obscured by the fiber will not function.
  • When ordering 15 µm-thin multi-shank designs, the shank with the fiber attached will be slightly out of alignment with the other shanks.
  • Any internal reference sites on electrode arrays will not function with an attached fiber.
  • The default fiber is our 105 µm I.D./125µm O.D., 0.22 NA option. However, when ordering a narrow shank probe such as the Buzsaki design, the 50 µm I.D./62.5 µm O.D., 0.22NA (etched) fiber will be supplied.
  • Each assembly is custom. Please specify your desired fiber termination location along the probe shank.


oDrive Manual (PDF)

A dDrive surgical video guide is available to guide you through the implant procedure. The oDrive procedure differs slightly at the end of the surgery, but the dDrive video should give you a good idea of what to expect. Please contact us for access.

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