Neural Probes

NeuroNexus neural probes are fabricated using state-of-the-art microfabrication and packaging technologies, and are designed to minimize tissue damage for superior signal quality. Each probe’s mechanical, geometric, and electrical characteristics are precise and highly reproducible for consistent, high-quality results.

We offer a diverse line of high quality, high-density microelectrode arrays for neural interfaces. Because so many options are available, you may wish to learn more about configuring probes for an order by studying our Configuration Guide.

The industry standard silicon penetrating probe
High channel count recording
Combined optogenetics and electrophysiology
Flexible probes optimized for EEG applications
Ultra-flexible arrays to conform to the brain surface
Cuff electrodes optimized for nerve applications
Drop-in replacements for wire tetrodes
Probes designed to minimize distortion during MR imaging
Precise, tunable, and selective microstimulation

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