Deep Brain Stimulation

High resolution elliptical sites enable precise, tunable stimulation

The rDBSA (research-Deep Brain Stimulation Array) is the research-grade version of an innovative clinical DBS technology developed by NeuroNexus.

  • Acute or Chronic – the rDBSA is available in both acute and chronic versions.
  • High Resolution – Our 40-channel design enables precise, selective, and tunable microstimulation of deep brain structures.
  • Precise – With more flexibility in microelectrode positioning, current delivery and stimulation programming can be more selective.
The chronic rDBSA is compact and robust.


Electrode Site Material Platinum
Substrate Material Polyimide
Lead Diameter 0.75 mm
Penetration Length Up to 45 mm
Electrode Contact Shape Elliptical
Channel Count 32 stimulating, 8 recording (Total 40)

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