Intan-Compatible Probes

Intan-Compatible Probes are similar to our SmartProbe, but connect to Intan SPI cables. These probes are designed to be used with the Intan 128-channel amplifier boards.

  • Modular components – Intan-compatible probes utilizes modular headstage boards. Remove the headstage components after your experiment for use with the next probe, and save money in the long run.
  • Low noise – Neural signals are digitized at the implant site, reducing noise from connectors and movement.
  • Reduced strain – A low connection force mean daily connections can take place more reliably.


Channel Count 128, 256
A/D Converter 16-bit ADC
Sampling Rate Up to 30 kSamples/s
Signal Bandwidth 0.1 – 100 Hz, 0.25 – 7.5 kHz
Electrode Array Length 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 15 mm (varies by design)
Electrode Array Thickness 15 µm or 50 µm (varies by design)
Electrode Site Material Iridium (standard), Platinum (custom), Gold (custom)
Available Packages I128, IH128, I256, IH256

Ordering Information

Intan-compatible probes can be configured with any NeuroNexus A-series (silicon) microelectrode array.

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