Matrix Array (Primate)

The Matrix Array can be configured for large animal experiments, interfacing with large populations of neurons in 3D space, up to 10 mm deep.

  • 3D Neural Interface – The Matrix Array concurrently spans cortical columns and layers, covering a volume of tissue and interfacing with large populations of neurons.
  • Robust – Lab-tested and refined to the smallest detail, the Matrix Array can withstand demanding chronic applications.
  • Versatile – The modular assembly of the Matrix Array allows for varied configurations: record from cortical and/or subcortical areas, as well as from the brain surface, all with the same probe. Electrode length, site area, and shank/site spacing can all be customized for your application.
  • High Channel Density – Record and stimulate from 64, 128, or 256 channels.
  • Refined surgical procedure – NeuroNexus worked closely with leading primate labs to develop a low-speed, low-risk, automated implantation procedure, reducing recovery time and preserving tissue health.
  • Optogenetics-compatible – Configure a Matrix Array with an integrated optical fiber for novel optogenetics applications.
  • Self-Aligning adaptors – When recording from the Matrix Array, a self-aligning adaptor is connected with a torque wrench, reducing strain on the animal. This allows the Matrix Array to be connected to a variety of existing recording systems, and protects the pedestal when not recording.


Channel Count 64, 128
X-Axis (2D Array) Dimension 1800 µm max width (varies by 2D array design)*
Y-Axis (2D Array) Spacing Options 200 µm, 300 µm, 400 µm, 600 µm, 800 µm, 1000 µm (specify when ordering)*
Z Span (Depth) Up to 5 mm (varies by 2D array design)*
Cable Length (Distance from implant to pedestal) 22 mm – 40 mm (varies by package selection)
Electrode Site Material Iridium (standard)

Platinum, Gold (custom)

Electrode Array Thickness 50 µm
Pedestal Machined titanium skull mount, stainless steel connector package
Dimensions (Pedestal) 16 mm x 20.6 mm (W x H), skull mount width: 29 mm
*View the Matrix Array Configuration Guide for specific information regarding configuration options and specifications.

Ordering Information

  • Browse the Matrix Array Configuration Guide to see currently available electrode array designs and packages.
  • Select your desired package, array, and platform spacing options. Choose 2 arrays for 64-channel Matrix Arrays, or 4 for 128-channel Matrix Arrays. You may mix array designs to create a tailored neural interface.
  • Complete the Matrix Array Order Form and contact your NeuroNexus sales representative.

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