It's always exciting when translational studies come out with NeuroNexus as part of the basic science.

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Morgan Urdaneta's publication out of Kevin Otto's lab is here! Read it to see how NeuroNexus linear arrays enabled them to define tachaxies across cortical layers.


Hot off the presses! We're excited about this new publication featuring a one-of-a-kind custom NeuroNexus silicon microelectrode. This probe has two different shank lengths, as well as a combination of recording and simulation electrode sites.


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This collaboration between the Dietmar Schmitz and Gyorgy Buzsaki labs utilized 32-channel and 256-channel multi-shank NeuroNexus probes and optoelectrodes. The geometry of the probes enabled positioning shanks in the mouse hippocampus/dentate gyrus, subiculum and granular retrosplenial cortex simultaneously. Through acute electrophysiology and optogenetic manipulation, this team defined a pathway by which sharp wave ripples communicate from the hippocampus to cortex.

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