To match orders to appropriate users/labs, we require all information in the Information Form to be filled out. If you have obtained a quote from us, please include it with your purchase order(s). It is very important that you identify the technical contact (or the actual user) for each order for order coordination.

If you have ordered from us before and have the Information Form already on file, contact us directly and we will send you a quote.  If no quote is necessary, send your Purchase Order directly to sales@neuronexus.com, or fax it to +1.734.786.0069.


Most NeuroNexus probes are built to order. Typical delivery time will take approximately 4 weeks if we do not have fully assembled probes in stock. If you have a specific experimental deadline that you need to meet, please advise the sales coordinator at the time of the order. We will do our best to accommodate such deadlines, but regrettably cannot always satisfy needs. Please order early if you can.


If you are required to pay import duty on shipments, contact us to reduce your fees. Instead of paying cash on delivery, pre-pay and save up to 10% on import duties.